Thursday, June 15, 2006

A man looks back at 30

I haven't been posting much lately, reverting back to my default lazy self. I've spent the past few days up in Cullman, that little burg in north Alabama that I can always go back to...and am expected to go back to.

I turned 30 today, not quite middle aged, not quite young anymore, sort of in the Twilight Zone of ages. At the very least, it will be much harder to pick up college aged girls. Without lying.

I'm typing at my parents' computer with its glacial internet and strange noise emitting monitor, as my dad flips on the news and hollers at my brother to come and eat. I decided to get a metal detector for my birthday, for something different to do while getting away from poker and as an impoteus to exercise more.

The odd thing about the past few months, pokerwise, is that I have struggled mightily and I continue to struggle, yet as the sunshine peeked through the clouds for brief hours, I managed to win two WSOP seats valued at $11,500. That's certainly exciting, but the euphoria ends pretty quick when you continue to lose at the cash gaems. Eleven thousand in cash would sure come in handy right now, yet I don't want to go selling all of my action lest I luck up, as the clouds disappear completely for a week, and I go very deep into the main event.

I've even dipped a bit into my reserves, pulling a grand out of my Ameritrade account to tide over my checking account for now. It's not dire by any means, but I like to keep my reserves as my reserves. Then again, what's the purpose for reserves if you don't use those reserves? But after you use your reserves then you have no more reserves. Ah, the trouble with finances.

Saturday, I ride with the family down to Orlando. My mother works at ALFA and her office often wins trips each summer to various vacation points in the Southeast. This year it's Mickey land.

I'll part with this comment from my friend Brian as he wished me happy b'day today, "Thirty years old and ain't got no damn job." I cannot deny.


Ignatious said...

happy belated 30th johnny.

Maudie said...

I remember 30.... sorta. You are wise beyond your years, Johnny, hope the next 30 bring you everything you hope for.