Sunday, October 30, 2005

Goodbye New York

I wasn't able to get any help in finding a poker game in NYC, so I gave up on it for this trip. So on Saturday morning I set out just to visit some more sites and head on my merry little way back to Waterbury. I took the subway to Battery Park to buy ferry tickets to Liberty and Ellis islands. The lines were enormous, nearly as long as the wait at the Empire State Building, and the wind child made the conditions bitter. But it was all worth it when I got my first closeup at Lady Liberty and viewed the halls where millions of immigrants entered this country.

By the time I got back to Manhattan, most of the afternoon was shot, so I walked up to the World Trade Center site and then caught the subway back to Grand Central. I rode the train back to Bridgeport, but had to wait four hours for the train back to Waterbury. You see all sorts of interesting folks at a train station, let me tell you, from the Jamacian prophet to the wheelchair bound bag lady who kept muttering about her cats. I finally got back to my car and drove back to Bristol around midnight and I must say I kind of missed New York already.

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