Sunday, September 04, 2005

The unbeliveable devastation

Like many Americans I've been flipping over to the hurricane recovery coverage on a frequent basis, watching in horror the violence and lawlessness and in sadness the plight of those displaced. It's sad to see a city I visited often in total disarray. Things will never be the same, that's for sure. Biloxi and Gulfport, as you've seen, were hit even worse, and everything on the coast was obliterated. It's hard to fathom a force so powerful it could send floating casinos drifting across highways. It will be years before these Mississippi towns can be rebuilt. I had planned to go to Biloxi for the first time in years next month, to the WSOP circuit event that had been planned at the Biloxi Grand Casino.

Katrina did a bit of damage here in Tuscaloosa, though the downed trees and power lines were barely a blip on the screen compared to its destruction on the coast. Because of its close proximity to New Orleans, four hours away, many refugees came here. The rec center on the UA campus is being used to house a few hundred evacuees. The university gave away about 200 tickets to the Tide's opener this Saturday to refugees at the rec, which I thought a great gesture.

I think those of us who can help should help as much as we can. I'm going to pledge 10 percent of my poker winnings this month to the Red Cross to aid in its relief efforts. If I can fare as well in September as I did in August, I'll be able to give nearly $1,000 for the cause. Those of you reading this, I hope you will give as much as you can, or participate in some of the charitable online tournaments that are being held to raise money. Imagine how your life would be turned upside down if you had lived on the Gulf Coast.

I sat in on a fraternity house game on the UA campus tonight for material I'll put together for my college poker craze book proposal. I'll share that on my blog later this week.

Time for bed now. At 6:30 a.m. we're heading to Tallhassee for the Miami-Florida State game.


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